29 10 2022

Early in the week, we discussed obesity and its health implications. Today–as promised–Dr. Somfee Pamela Odurukwe-Senator will be talking about her weight transition journey and give insights on weight loss and fitness. We hope you pick a couple or more from this session.

1.) We are thrilled to host someone of your caliber on our blog. Thank you for honoring our invitation to discuss weight loss and fitness. For the sake of our readers, could you please introduce yourself? 

• My name is Senator Somfee Pamela. I’m a medical doctor and a fitness instructor/ lifestyle influencer.


2.) Great. How long have you been on the weight loss and maintenance train?

• 2 years and counting


3.) Before you boarded this train, you were known to be genuinely big, bold, and beautiful. You inspired a lot of people. You still do now. But what was your inspiration to alter your course?

• Being in the medical field made me realize the implications of obesity and the risk it poses. A lot of diseases and medical conditions have OBESITY as a risk factor and I got to experience a few of the complications like Increased blood pressure and even joint pain.


4.) If you don’t mind, what was your weight before you made the decision to lose weight, and what was your target weight?

• 122kg and I eventually got to 78kg! I currently weigh 87kg because I’m building muscle mass.


5.) How long did it take you to reach your target weight? And from your experience, what is the average length of time it takes one to meet their target weight?

• One year because I experimented with my body and the process; learning the dos and don’ts. I can only say that time to reach the target weight depends on the start weight, the individual’s metabolism, and consistency.


6.) Was it all rosy? Like, you just made a decision and got the wheels grinding? 

• Rosy ??? Not at all! They were times my knees and ankles ached so badly that I had to limp to walk! A lot of people advised that I stop exercising because the pains were excruciating and troubling, especially at night and early morning hours. It was an ordeal but I wasn’t ready to give up.


7.) If I do say so myself, consistency is the biggest bane of any journey. How did you manage to keep up the drive? Especially with medical school?

• Well I just did a lot of time management; waking up early to hit my workout routines and working with available meals and options in my environment.


8.) What strategies can someone who is seeking to lose weight and maintain a good one adopt? Practical approaches? 

• Stay active consistently and most importantly adopt a good diet plan! Do not starve or cut out meal classes. Portion control is very important. Bulk up meals with veggies. Most times you’re not hungry; it’s just your mind playing games.


9.) Are there unhealthy approaches to this weight loss business? Things you would not advise people to do?

•, Of course, a lot out there! Teas and pills that make you purge, etc., and extreme diets. They are not healthy 100%


10.) I wonder; does hereditary susceptibility to being overweight mean that one cannot attain a healthy weight even if they try?  

• Doesn’t mean at all! No one is born fat truly! Being susceptible to being overweight simply means that you have to watch it! Working your way back to good shape is possible if you're already overweight.


11.) You are a fitness coach. How many people have you helped to cut down on excess weight?

• Wow! A lot! I’ve trained over 400 women.


12.) Amazing! How can people who’d love to have a coach connect with you?

• I’m available on Instagram @phat_goddess and @plussize_turnfit .


13.) On the whole, how has being trimmed affected your life and health?  

• Simply put, I feel happier & healthier.


14.) What is your advice to those still indecisive about taking the bull by the horns?

• No one got to a place by standing at a place! you have to move.

Thank you so much for your time.

Maintaining a healthy weight, from all indications, is more of a journey than a destination. And like they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

✓ The first step is defining yours why. Defining your why could be acknowledging that being overweight is unhealthy and from there making a conscious decision to work on cutting down fat.

✓ The next step is setting a SMART goal: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

✓ Afterwards, develop an individualized routine to achieve your goal: Increase your activity (If it’s not urgent, you may decide to walk or cycle to that place instead of boarding a motorcycle); fix feasible workout schedules (start small and work your way up), create a diet plan and stick it, but don’t starve or eliminate certain food classes; avoid weight loss teas and pills–most of them function by causing you to lose water.

✓ Be consistent. If you have difficulty being consistent, get an accountability partner, or a fitness instructor, or join a support group.

✓ Reward yourself when you achieve mini-goals.

✓ Keep going.

We hope you found this session insightful!

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