06 10 2022

Yes, hackneyed. You have probably heard it so much that you no longer consider it: Health is wealth. Still, it doesn't change the fact that our dear old cliché is replete with the truth.

Many people take their health for granted. For most, especially in developing countries, visiting the hospital or a doctor is an afterthought; after we have tried a cocktail of unproven remedies or when the illness has taken a scary turn.

True, regular exercise and eating a balanced diet are practices that promote health. However, going further to incorporate regular health checkups into your routine can do a world of good because some health conditions are insidious and may not show overt signs until they are full-blown.

Though we advocate for preventive medicine, this does not mean one should see a doctor every now and then. It may not be feasible in a poor country. Once or twice a year is ideal. Though if you are above 50 years, or have a chronic disease condition such as Diabetes or Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), frequent checkups become expedient.

The following are the benefits of adopting a preventive approach to health care:

1. It reduces the probability of getting sick.

2. Allows for early detection of potentially life-threatening health conditions.

3. Increases the chances for successful treatment and cure.

 4. Apart from unpredictable causes of death, preventive practices increase lifespan and improve health.

5. Risk of complications from a health condition is reduced because of monitoring.

 6. Promotes awareness and a general understanding of one's health thus allowing for one to make necessary lifestyle modifications.

7.) It reduces anxiety and boosts security.

If you cannot afford to go for routine checkups, especially when you are not overtly ill, you can do the barest minimum. If there is a health center or a pharmacy shop with trained personnel close by, do drop in at intervals to have your blood pressure and blood sugar checked routinely. Some pharmacy stores and health centers in Nigeria offer these services for a small fee.

Do not take your health for granted. You have just one health.

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