26 09 2022

Earlier, we gave a list of the diverse pathways available in health and health-allied careers. Today's post will summarize the job descriptions of 30 items in our health career list. Grab a bag of popcorn.

1.) Anaesthesia technician

Anesthesia technicians assist medical staff working on anesthesia teams. They are responsible for maintaining and preparing anesthesia equipment used in surgical procedures.

2.) Audiologist

An audiologist examines patients with hearing, balance, or other related ear problems. They also fit and dispense hearing aids, educate patients on their condition, and develop treatment plans.

3.) Athletic trainer

Also known as Athletic therapists, Athletic trainers collaborate with medical professionals, coaches, and athletes to review athletes' medical conditions and create a health plan to meet the athlete’s diet and fitness goals.

4.) Child life specialist

These health professionals are trained to support children and families in order to help them understand a process, procedure, medical diagnosis, and/or medical experience.

5.) Chiropractor

Chiropractors are medical professionals who treat health problems of the neuromusculoskeletal system including nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons by employing a holistic approach.

6.) Community health worker

Community health workers are members of the community that act as links between patients, families, and the public within a local healthcare system. They are responsible for ensuring improved access to health care services and adherence to health recommendations.

7.) Cytogenetic technologist

Cytogenetic technologists are laboratory specialists who prepare, examine, and analyze chromosomes in patients’ DNA to learn about the relationship between genetics and health.

8.) Cytotechnologists

Unlike Cytogenetic technologists, Cytotechnologists do not go beyond the morphology of cells. Cytotechnologists are lab professionals that work closely with other healthcare professionals including pathologists to assess patients' cell samples and detect anomalies.

9.) Dentist

Dentists are health professionals responsible for diagnosing and managing problems with their patient's teeth and oral tissue. 

10.) Dental assistant

Dental assistants are members of the dental team responsible for scheduling appointments, preparing patients for dental procedures, maintaining dental records, and cleaning all dental tools.

11.) Dental hygienist

Dental hygienists are charged with examining patients, cleaning their teeth, updating patient health histories, and educating patients on dental conditions.

12.) Dialysis technician

Dialysis technicians, in collaboration with other health care professionals, manage patients receiving dialysis treatment due to end-stage renal disease. They are responsible for preparing and maintaining dialysis equipment, updating patients' health histories, taking vital signs before, during, and after treatment, and educating patients.

13.) Dietician

A dietitian, essentially, assesses patients' nutritional needs, develops meal and nutrition plans, evaluates the effectiveness of meal plans and dietary changes, and develops individualized nutrition care plans for patients to track their progress.

14.) Electrocardiogram (ECG) technician

ECG technicians are responsible for setting up electrocardiograms on patients at the request of the medical team and monitoring to ensure that the connections remain intact.

15.) Emergency medicine technician (EMT) and Paramedic

Emergency medicine technicians and paramedics specialize in medical-related emergencies. Typically, they are responsible for evaluating patients' conditions, determining in-the-field treatment options, transporting patients in an ambulance to local hospitals, documenting medical care given, reporting patients' conditions and treatment to the medical team, and stabilizing patients.

16.) Exercise physiologist

Working with patients and other medical team members, Exercise physiologists design fitness and exercise programs to improve chronic diseases and body function.

17.) Genetic counselor

Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals who work with individuals, families, communities, and other healthcare professionals to help them understand how genetic information impacts their lives or the lives of their patients and how to cope with the problems that may arise as a result of their genetic constitution.

18.) Health information manager

These professionals specialize in organizing and protecting patient health information data.

19.) Healthcare simulation educator

You don't hear about this one every day, but it exists. Healthcare Simulation Educators are licensed to develop and implement simulation-based education to improve patient safety and quality of health care.

20.) Healthcare simulation technology specialist

A healthcare simulation technology specialist (HSTS) is an individual who specializes in the technologies and methods used in the development and conduction of simulation-based healthcare training and education events

21.) Home health aide

Home health aides cater for patients suffering from chronic and acute illnesses in their homes. Services offered include administering medications, changing wound dressings, taking vital signs, etc.

22.) Massage therapist

As health care providers, massage therapists perform therapeutic massages on clients to improve circulation, promote relaxation, and relieve stress, pain, and injuries

23.) Medical doctor

Doctors are charged with the diagnosis and overall medical management of patients suffering from acute and chronic illness as well as trauma. The diseases doctors attend to are defined by their areas of expertise.

24.) Medical laboratory scientist

Medical laboratory scientists are health professionals who use equipment to locate microorganisms in collected specimens, monitor tests and procedures, analyze the chemical content of fluids, and test for drug levels in the blood.

25.) Medical physicist

Medical physicists apply scientific techniques to develop and use medical devices and technologies thus enabling other health workers to make an accurate diagnoses and offer safe management.

26.) Medical radiographer

Medical radiographers are technologists trained to perform X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and other forms of medical imaging to help diagnose and treat illnesses and conditions. They however do not interpret results or make diagnoses. That is the job of the radiologist.

27.) Medical assistant

As the name suggests, medical assistants are responsible for completing administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. These tasks include: taking patient vital signs, assisting physicians with procedures and examinations, scheduling patient appointments, documenting patient observation and findings in the medical records, recording patient history, and educating patients and their families

28.) Medical social worker

Basically, a medical social worker, also known as a health care social worker, assists patients and their families to cope with illnesses.

29.) Medical transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists listen to voice recordings that physicians and other healthcare workers make and convert them to written reports that are submitted to the electronic medical record.

30.) Molecular genetics technologist

A molecular genetics technologist is a professional who employs molecular biology knowledge to determine genetics' role in medicine. They analyze a person's DNA to research and diagnose genetic conditions, cancers, and other diseases. Molecular genetics technologists differ from Cytogenetic technologists in that they study cells at the level of the DNA molecule, while Cytogenetic technologists study cells at the level of the chromosomes.

If you found this piece informative then stay hooked to this space. A subsequent post will give highlights on the job roles of other health and health-allied professions not discussed today. In the meantime, if you have questions, drop them in the comments section.

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