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08 09 2022

If a colleague at your workplace or a stranger by the roadside suddenly collapsed, and you happen to be around, what would be the first thing you do when you notice he or she is unresponsive and not breathing? 

Do not pour water! Never hit the person! 

Chances are that the person might have suffered a cardiac arrest, and your best shot at saving a life is by giving CPR without wasting time while waiting for medical help to arrive. 

 What is CPR?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a lifesaving technique that aims to keep blood and oxygen flow to vitals parts of the body when the person's heart and breathing have stooped. Vital areas such as the brain need a steady flow of blood else serious damage.

If you are fast enough, performing CPR within the first six minutes of the heart stopping can be very helpful in keeping a cardiac arrest victim alive. 

 How is CPR performed?

CPR is a combination of rapid chest compressions and artificial ventilation. 

Find out in our next post to learn the steps you can take in giving CPR and help in saving lives.

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