Introducing Project Medcob; A Digital Tool for Healthcare Services in Nigeria
11 08 2022

We live in time when technology is rapidly making its way into every aspect of our lives. With the rapid advancement of technology, it is but natural to expect them to play an equally important role in healthcare.

Patients search for hospitals online before going there in person. Unfortunately, many hospitals in Nigeria have little or no internet presence while others have either dated or not interactive websites.

For health care facilities struggling to maintain their presence online, Medcob provides you with profile pages which can be used to create awareness and build facility brand. This free platform can be used to share information about the kind of services you render, events happening, job vacancies, recent achievements, awards and much more.

Medcob-for-users is a medical web directory designed to help you get informed on all things healthcare. Our goal is to provide users with information that will aid in making informed choice on health matters by helping one easily find health centres near choice location and compare their services. All healthcare services like planned and emergency maternity care, surgery and orthopaedics, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, general medicine, fertility, gynaecology and obstetrics, dermatology, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, as well as allied health services are included.

We have introduced new ways for patients and other parties interested in healthcare to interact with hospitals, clinics and other service providers. Accessible on all internet enabled devices, Medcob connects health consumers and healthcare services to form a bond that helps patients make informed decisions before seeking care. It engages each stakeholder, from the patient and caregiver, to the health care provider and payer, through simple and clear user-interface with review opportunities.

Do you own a healthcare facility (pharmacy, physiotherapy centre, hospital, lab and so on) and have had challenges in promoting online? Please share your thoughts on the major factor affecting your brand awareness in the comments below.

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